Recommended views (series and movies)

It was so long ago since I’d last seen a movie, followed a series and waited in front of the television to see some that I am interested in. Gone are the days where I sit in front of the machine all engross and munching on my favorite food. I guess I’m in or over the phase, old or simply just not interested.

But I had my share of good shows that I highly recommend for everyone. These series/movies are all good. May it be watched or much, much better to be read.


1. How I Met your Mother

Who doesn’t know the BRO CODE? Barney’s tirades to get women, and Ted’s enthusiasm and passion to things albeit his friends making fun of him. Robin’s independence and Lily and Marshall’s love story. Their situations and portrayal are all realistic and can really arise in our day to day living.

Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted!


2. Grey’s Anatomy

Mc Dreamy and McSteamy are both hot, intelligent and great doctors, that you began to think if really such surgeons do exist in Seattle. Every patient’s scenario is informative and can trigger emotions. Christina Yang’s gift for Cardio-Thoracic surgery and her thrive to learn is an excitement. Though sometimes it really is annoying when Meredith  do something heroic and stupid at the same time, but as always in her defense —  she cares too much. The come and go of characters has always been dramatic. This series makes my view to hospitals – a better place.

3. Glee

I tried watching this series as everyone seems to be so into it at the time. Before, I thought this was all music and melody but upon ending season by season, the characters develop interestingly and when they finally win the nationals after years of failure is a feel good moment. Quinn Fabray is my top character.

4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Joey Tribbiani, Ross and Monica Geller, Rachel Green,  Phoebe Buffay and the adorable Chandler Bing (especially his awkward jokes) are the ultimate cast. Every episode is hilarious, even If I’ve seen it many times still I have the same reaction. This is my All Time Favorite.

joey and the Bings

joey and the Bings

5. My Wife and Kids / 7th Heaven / That’s so Raven

Comedy, Life Lessons and Good Learning are all present in these Family series. A feel good watch. 7th Heaven is usually shown as a marathon during the holy week and I always get to watch That’s so Raven after school in Disney Channel.

6. Band of Brothers

Bastogne will forever be a cold place for me.

The Easy Company will forever be remembered as heroes. The series made me understand the hardship and sacrifice of the people to achieve freedom and peace which we take for granted these days.

the easy company

the easy company


1. The Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit

One movie takes about 3 hours the least, but every scene is worth watching. For me, the real savior would be Sam Gamgee – The Fat Hobbit. As it is him, who supports and gives strength to  Frodo to continue the journey. And just thinking out loud, I think its best the ring would just stay in Gollum’s hand as it is only him which is consumed and gets affected by it.

Recently, I’ve seen The Hobbit… Bilbo has his own charm and I am amazed of Gollum’s fondness with riddles. The theme song  of the Dwarfs gives me a high.

2. Harry Potter 1-7

The boy who lived, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. A classic on its own. It’ll really bring you away to the muggle world and lets you stay in Hogwarts long enough to wish that your part of it all. My only regret is the movie adaptation isn’t that good to watch especially the last three movies, as it is sooo dark making me hard to see the cast. I do understand, that the setting really is dark as the mood has really sunken but then, a little light maybe?

doraemon as Harry Potter :)

doraemon as Harry Potter 🙂

3. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and soon, Before Midnight.

Not much action, but their discussion and banters are adorable. Jesse and Celine are both passionate individuals with a great belief on love and its wonders.

No new series or movies on the list sorry. but I guarantee that these are THE FINEST in my opinion. Hope you like it 🙂



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