know “the secret” of THE SECRET

Have you ever encounter THE SECRET?

If yes, then I assume that you are applying it in your daily life by now. All the testimonials, the people who claims its effectiveness are too powerful to ignore. All throughout history this secret was use, up until today they said that they owe their success to THE SECRET.

I’ve first come to this book because of my sister, who is a believer. She always mentions this in our conversations, and I can attest to the effectiveness of the LAW OF ATTRACTION in connection to her always having an available parking space whenever we go out.

The logic is simple: THOUGHTS BECOMES THINGS

It is all in the mind, whatever you think of;  May it be good or bad, big or small, you attract it. So, If you’re thinking of getting out of debt or thought of borrowing – in or out – the things is you think of DEBT and so you attract it and comes to you.

VISUALIZE is a key word.

 “See the things that you want as already yours” 

It encourage us to put up a vision board, where all the things you want, wish and desire are posted. Look at it every day with a firm belief that it’ll be yours. Act as if you they are already in your possession.

I just discovered this and I am excited to put up my vision board and I hope to see that one day I’ll be looking at it and considered most, if not all of them as… done/gained and achieved.

How about you, what is it that you desire most?

Read / Watch it to learn the LAW OF ATTRACTION

Read / Watch it to learn the LAW OF ATTRACTION

Ask, Believe and Receive.

To know more visit the official website of THE SECRET

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

Hopeful, TRIBOBOT 😉


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