discovering the METROTENT

Last friday night, we went to the opening of METROTENT (An events place in Metrowalk Ortigas). Dubbed as a “A Plight of Gathering”… The free food and drinks were overwhelming. You get an appetizer in the entrance upon registration and a sumptuous buffet wit all types of meat If I may add, wonderful choices of desserts and a specially made drinks / shooter to cap it all off.
event poster

event poster

registration and appetizer area...

registration and appetizer area…

hizons' catering

hizons’ catering


while digging on the appetizer...

while digging on the appetizer…

With the mellow musical background that soothes the ambiance. It may not be much –Just really an event to take a look around but the presentation is there. Complete with brochures to provide complete details and lists of suppliers that you can tie-up with on your event.

The photo booth will always be a plus, not to mention the props they use to represent and  inculcate the Arabic vibe.

Taking a look around, the venue is huge, but I guess it would be better If the ceiling is higher (as to give more space for performances that may include something aerial), their Air-conditioner is really cold, which is a good point. The restrooms are clean and equipped with bidet, nice mirrors and pleasant sinks. There are also rooms for VIPs, and room for performers where they can stay while preparing. Parking is not a problem. Their lobby can accommodate about a hundred, and here you can set up any welcoming props you can think of.



the ladies' restroom

the ladies’ restroom


the VIP waiting area / corridor

the VIP waiting area / corridor

All in all, The place is great. a new place to see your special occasion come to life, even better is that its just at the back of Metrowalk were all the  bars, KTV’s and restaurants are, so imagine all the fun things you can do in one area.

good food and ambiance ;) - happy me!

good food and ambiance 😉 – happy me!

The tent has a capacity of 2,000 pax at the maximum (standing) and 800-1,200 pax (with tables and chairs). Php 168,000 inclusive of VAT and withholding tax = 14 hours usage. Php 112,000 for half tent rental.

Listed here are the contact details of the venue, band and caterer:

1. METROTENT (Metrotent Convention Center, Inc.)

Metrowalk Plaza, Meralco Ave. Ortigas Pasig City

(02)217-06-05  /  0917-552-0981


2. The Sentimental Groove (Band)

0939-593-4841 / (02) 736-44-15 Look for Ian or Kate Banawa

or see their live demo at 15 Alchan St. Barangka Mandaluyong City

3. Hizon’s Catering

22 Renowned Lane Sanville, Project 6, Quezon City

(02) 925-01-01 / (02) 928-36-72 /


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