These days, a party without karaoke is just plain boring. We’ve become so attached to music that just listening to it didn’t provide much joy that we must perform it. And that’s where PLATINUM KTV bar in Metrowalk, Ortigas comes to mind.
me and my officemates ready to sing our hearts out!

me and my officemates ready to sing our hearts out!

All rooms are equipped with:
Karaoke machine, LCD TV, Two mics with what looks like a shower cap on (which is very hygienic :)), an updated song list, big remote… the basic of what is expected from a decent KTV bar. The walls are designed with good taste which gives a vibrant feeling of colors and liveliness. Their sound system is amazing, as you can really feel that you are the star of a concert.
We’re of six people, and the capacity of the room we rented is for a max of 10. the rate is Php 600 per hour, with a requirement to order food and drinks worth Php 500. So, in your first hour, the bill falls to Php 1, 100. and another Php 600 for succeeding hours…
Quite expensive if you’ll ask me, imagine me renting my own karaoke at say Php 600 for a day. but then again, this doesn’t happen everyday, and they did give you a good experience afterwards so a little cash out once in a while is okay.
So, if you fell like singing your heart out with your friends, this is a great place to see.
note: prior to this my friends called on other KTV bars in the area and this seem like one of the more price friendly 🙂

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