An excited user…

This post is being typed by an excited first time MACBOOK AIR user (not mine). Everything is thin and lightweight in this gadget. Very minimal clutter on the desktop. As I have observed this seems like a product review now haha!

Anyway, as a designer it has always been a dream to own a MAC as it has a reputation of being very powerful in terms of editing especially if you are using the Adobe creative suite.  The retina display may seem a big word but it really is a big deal in terms of the presentation of the images.

Don’t you just envision yourself having your own office, with white and brown accent walls complete with carpet and sofa set. A huge LED TV for presentation or a movie while you’re resting and a mahogany table with the best chair to match, and of course, sitting on it is the MAC Desktop where you get to edit everything in its huge screen… maybe I can add a very good set of audio player and surround speakers so I can really feel the vibe of the music which will fuel my creativity for my artworks. Then I don’t have to go to work because I can just send everything via email, then we’ll just discuss matters through phone or skype.

Ahhhh, imagine the good life 🙂

I just sent myself to my imagination’s created world.



me, writing this post :)

me, writing this post 🙂

Anyway, back to reality  I need to return this MAC to my boss, and get back to my desktop. (but in my defense, in reality I really have a powerful windows with big screen where I can download anything I want at an …. umm, average speed only 🙂


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