These days, a party without karaoke is just plain boring. We’ve become so attached to music that just listening to it didn’t provide much joy that we must perform it. And that’s where PLATINUM KTV bar in Metrowalk, Ortigas comes to mind.
me and my officemates ready to sing our hearts out!

me and my officemates ready to sing our hearts out!

All rooms are equipped with:
Karaoke machine, LCD TV, Two mics with what looks like a shower cap on (which is very hygienic :)), an updated song list, big remote… the basic of what is expected from a decent KTV bar. The walls are designed with good taste which gives a vibrant feeling of colors and liveliness. Their sound system is amazing, as you can really feel that you are the star of a concert.
We’re of six people, and the capacity of the room we rented is for a max of 10. the rate is Php 600 per hour, with a requirement to order food and drinks worth Php 500. So, in your first hour, the bill falls to Php 1, 100. and another Php 600 for succeeding hours…
Quite expensive if you’ll ask me, imagine me renting my own karaoke at say Php 600 for a day. but then again, this doesn’t happen everyday, and they did give you a good experience afterwards so a little cash out once in a while is okay.
So, if you fell like singing your heart out with your friends, this is a great place to see.
note: prior to this my friends called on other KTV bars in the area and this seem like one of the more price friendly 🙂

discovering the METROTENT

Last friday night, we went to the opening of METROTENT (An events place in Metrowalk Ortigas). Dubbed as a “A Plight of Gathering”… The free food and drinks were overwhelming. You get an appetizer in the entrance upon registration and a sumptuous buffet wit all types of meat If I may add, wonderful choices of desserts and a specially made drinks / shooter to cap it all off.
event poster

event poster

registration and appetizer area...

registration and appetizer area…

hizons' catering

hizons’ catering


while digging on the appetizer...

while digging on the appetizer…

With the mellow musical background that soothes the ambiance. It may not be much –Just really an event to take a look around but the presentation is there. Complete with brochures to provide complete details and lists of suppliers that you can tie-up with on your event.

The photo booth will always be a plus, not to mention the props they use to represent and  inculcate the Arabic vibe.

Taking a look around, the venue is huge, but I guess it would be better If the ceiling is higher (as to give more space for performances that may include something aerial), their Air-conditioner is really cold, which is a good point. The restrooms are clean and equipped with bidet, nice mirrors and pleasant sinks. There are also rooms for VIPs, and room for performers where they can stay while preparing. Parking is not a problem. Their lobby can accommodate about a hundred, and here you can set up any welcoming props you can think of.



the ladies' restroom

the ladies’ restroom


the VIP waiting area / corridor

the VIP waiting area / corridor

All in all, The place is great. a new place to see your special occasion come to life, even better is that its just at the back of Metrowalk were all the  bars, KTV’s and restaurants are, so imagine all the fun things you can do in one area.

good food and ambiance ;) - happy me!

good food and ambiance 😉 – happy me!

The tent has a capacity of 2,000 pax at the maximum (standing) and 800-1,200 pax (with tables and chairs). Php 168,000 inclusive of VAT and withholding tax = 14 hours usage. Php 112,000 for half tent rental.

Listed here are the contact details of the venue, band and caterer:

1. METROTENT (Metrotent Convention Center, Inc.)

Metrowalk Plaza, Meralco Ave. Ortigas Pasig City

(02)217-06-05  /  0917-552-0981


2. The Sentimental Groove (Band)

0939-593-4841 / (02) 736-44-15 Look for Ian or Kate Banawa

or see their live demo at 15 Alchan St. Barangka Mandaluyong City

3. Hizon’s Catering

22 Renowned Lane Sanville, Project 6, Quezon City

(02) 925-01-01 / (02) 928-36-72 /

My work published in a broadsheet… cheers!

Being a graphic designer has its own perks. It may not be that extravagant compared to other professions but still it has its rewards. Hearing a client praise your design is a good one or them, liking all your studies and cannot choose one is great too. But seeing your work materialized and printed is the ultimatum. May it be for billboards, posters, tarpaulins, tickets and for me, the best yet — in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (one of the country’s top broadsheets). A full page advertorial it is.

If you are in the same profession as I am, I know that you’ll be able to relate to some of the famous black swan rants in relation to advertising.

sample: I-ayon ang budget sa pagkademanding – Match your demands to your budget. 😉


These things make me laugh every once in a while…

Anyway, going back to what I’m saying with the ULTIMATUM. I gained my first one last May. I bought 2 copies, for remembrance and to show off 🙂

I am sooooo proud of this project!!! and I hope to be able to create another one soon.

On my next other posts I will discuss the wonders and fails of this creative life. but for now, yey! I am published!

My advertorial for Globe, published in the Phil. Daily Inquirer (5/9/2013)

My advertorial for Globe, published in the Phil. Daily Inquirer (5/9/2013)

-proud TRIBOBOT 🙂

Facebook & Twitter account can be use to comment

Sorry if this is an old news to you guys… but this is new information to me as I just started my blog a few days ago. I thought that it is only thru wordpress that people will be able to comment in my blog. But yes! facebook and twitter can now be use to interact with the bloggers. This is very useful and convenient especially since not all people in my network have a wordpress account.


I know I am just starting but people reading, liking and following my blog keeps me excited on adding a new post every time.

Let’s support each other and be happy with our thoughts together!

sincerely, TRIBOBOT 😉 

Island in the Sun (Boracay 2012)

My first time in the famous Island was an eventful week. First, a bridesmaid for a wedding where I get to dress up. Second, being with my cousins was a blast (along with the word cousins are the overrated selfies and pictures of every kind).

Excited is an understatement. I remember having my own luggage worth 20 kilos for a local flight… only to end up borrowing clothes from my cousins – i don’t know what happened to all the clothes i brought with me). Then comes the living arrangements where our family ends up being divided into 3 houses. but let me say that the best house is our rented apartment with all the view and geckos surrounding the area. 🙂

Boracay beach in the morning is okay, I guess I have expected too much that it fall short on my expectations. It seems too crowded for me… but I find it best in the afternoon when the shores stretched all the way down. I love the color of the sky, temperature of water and the people seems more alive by this time of the day.

fun in the sand

fun in the sand

me, attempting a cartwheel at the shore.

me, attempting a cartwheel at the shore.

Our days were spent on sleeping, eating, walking, picture taking, swimming and playing in the sand. What a lovely week this has been to just walk under the rain without a care of getting wet.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am a bridesmaid. and so comes the wedding day where we get to dress up with our lovely blue/green long dress, walk down the aisle and get a little teary eyed on some part of the ceremony.

I look good... :)

I look good… 🙂

After the wedding, we did take our pictures in the beach, and it was really a good shot as the color of our gown was in contrast with the beach, even the foreigners took our pictures 😉  I guess there were fascinated with us or something…

our post-wedding pictures by the beach

our post-wedding pictures by the beach

Our water activities started. we went diving and saw the neon fishes swimming under the sea and the most thrilling one would be the Flyfish (which drained my energy – I felt feverish even before the activities started and though I am not feeling well, I didn’t pass on the chance to experience it).  All in all, it as a fun day.

our flyfish adventure!

our flyfish adventure!

ready for the dive!

ready for the dive!

By the time we head home, we’re all tired, sleepy but very happy. and one amazing thing was: we were able to to ride a land, air and water vehicle all in one day. nice, right?

and so this ends my review and story on my fabulous time in this beautiful island.

Selamat Datang! (Indonesia 2012)

Selamat Datang! that means welcome in Bahasa.

my sister made me a welcome banner!

my sister made me a welcome banner!

After resigning from work, a week after that I find myself in Indonesia as a tourist.
It is my first time to be out of the country, and yes, the brave girl that I am I have traveled alone. hmm, not really alone as my sister is there to pick me up at the airport in Indonesia. but still travel alone in the sense that i have no one with me when I left and arrived. the feeling of independence and innocence is there.

Being intercepted by the immigration is no help at all. being in question of your capability to travel abroad is not a good feeling. for a while, i thought I never want to go through that again, i have thought of the immigration when I arrived in Indonesia, thinking they will ask me again, but no … they just asked my name and let me out. I am off to BANDUNG.

at tangkuban perahu, bandung

at tangkuban perahu, bandung

cold weather with some sulfuric smell...

cold weather with some sulfuric smell…

The difference? not much. same scene as here in the Philippines. just a different language. their roads are switched. and yes it is a Muslim country, they have praying rooms in every corner. even on gas stations.

The food is nice. the exciting there is when you look at the menu you don’t know what you are ordering unless there is a picture next to it, so most of the time it really is a surprise. and yes, i have eaten good and not so good food. Another surprise is their money. look at the price tag and you’ll be in for a smile. a shirt cost 120,000 haha. but when you convert it –its only 600. A million to them is five thousand to us. I can be a millionaire there 🙂

their transportation amazes me, the ojek is fun. take this literally: a back ride with your pal on a motorcycle. (just pay for it after the ride). other modes of transportation is normal, so i won’t cover that anymore.

If you’re a nature lover like me, this is a place for you. they have lots of places where you’ll just stare and be thankful of the wonderful creation. the cold breeze is a great blessing may I add, to add comfort to your trip.

nice view, eh?

nice view, eh?

gazing at this wonderful view

gazing at this wonderful view


The people are nice too, though it will be nicer if you can understand them, as to me i don’t know Bahasa so i just rely on my sister for everything. one time i am in search of a comfort room and find myself using sign language looking for one, as if i am mute. but i had a good laugh when once, i am in a grocery and shouted “ang ganda ganda ko” at the top of my lungs and no one reacts or even looked at me strangely… i am a very confident person 🙂 … yes, that is a social experiment if I may add.

jakarta and bandung ;)

jakarta and bandung 😉

after spending 10 days there, i missed home.

It is a good experience, i will always search for the thrill of going to another country, but at the end of the day –still there is no place like home, a country where you are not the tourist, visitor, and the other race… but to a country where you are the proud native.

An excited user…

This post is being typed by an excited first time MACBOOK AIR user (not mine). Everything is thin and lightweight in this gadget. Very minimal clutter on the desktop. As I have observed this seems like a product review now haha!

Anyway, as a designer it has always been a dream to own a MAC as it has a reputation of being very powerful in terms of editing especially if you are using the Adobe creative suite.  The retina display may seem a big word but it really is a big deal in terms of the presentation of the images.

Don’t you just envision yourself having your own office, with white and brown accent walls complete with carpet and sofa set. A huge LED TV for presentation or a movie while you’re resting and a mahogany table with the best chair to match, and of course, sitting on it is the MAC Desktop where you get to edit everything in its huge screen… maybe I can add a very good set of audio player and surround speakers so I can really feel the vibe of the music which will fuel my creativity for my artworks. Then I don’t have to go to work because I can just send everything via email, then we’ll just discuss matters through phone or skype.

Ahhhh, imagine the good life 🙂

I just sent myself to my imagination’s created world.



me, writing this post :)

me, writing this post 🙂

Anyway, back to reality  I need to return this MAC to my boss, and get back to my desktop. (but in my defense, in reality I really have a powerful windows with big screen where I can download anything I want at an …. umm, average speed only 🙂

My glimpse of Hong Kong (HK 2013)

Hong Kong is hot, tiring and expensive.

This has been a proven theory based on my experience. But do not be discouraged as I will recuperate later on the positive and fun side of our trip 🙂

Our morning flight of 7:50AM was a breeze. (less hassle compared with my immigration nightmare the first time I left the country then I realize that my status at the time was really questionable.. I am unemployed and my passport is super clean, no exit haha).

Extra: Get your Octopus card at HK$150. to use for MTR and buses (you can refund this after your trip).

Getting out of the airport was quite a challenge for a first timer. Though I had planned our scheduled  itinerary complete with addresses and transportation details I didn’t have an idea of the exits and entrances.  First pre-stop: CITYGATE OUTLETS a standard mall with every store on sale (nothing special If you have no plan to shop). First Tourist Spot: the GIANT BUDDHA. Getting to her takes time (It took 2 mountains before we saw a glimpse of her)  – riding the cable car has a good view with nature all around you.

We reached it at past 2PM, so imagine how hot it was with summer weather. The stairs is an enemy, as I saw black spots and had cold sweat one set before it ends. Thankfully my sister did get me water and sweets to power up.  It took me quite a while to appreciate the view around me. The BUDDHA isn’t called giant for nothing, It really is huge and powerful with the sun glaring at it tremendously.

One of our few pictures together. Thank you Mr. Stranger!

One of our few pictures together. Thank you Mr. Stranger!

love the view of all green and the feel of fresh air.

love the view of all green and the feel of fresh air.

The MTR sticks up to its reputation of being easy and reliable. I did get us to our hotel at little over an hour. WiFi hotel is  compact yet has everything we need 🙂

After a few hours rest, we’re set to explore Causeway Bay at night. Seeing Time Square with the Monster University statue craze is picture prefect. (One regret is I saw the movie after the trip so I wasn’t quite familiar with the other characters).  Shop to shop we go, we did dropped by Cafe De Coral (their version of jollibee) but find the menu the same with what we ate earlier at CityGate. So we pass, and bought good ramen instead. (The soup is phenomenal!) a tip though: you need to eat fast as the soup were absorbed by the noodles easily 😦

We did dropped by at Wellcome to buy groceries…  (the cheese (kraft product) and bread  isn’t that sweet as what we have here. the yakult is bigger – these are just for my personal taste). After the good food and long walks – day one: lights off!

Saturday is DISNEYLAND day! with our shorts, sunscreen, shades and hat on… we go! The transfer from Hong Kong  MTR line to disneyland train is quite an experience as the locals are too excited or we’re just too fond of taking our time, that they overwhelmed us. I didn’t find the disney train too charming.

Another tip: Make your way from back to front in Disneyland. See, people get to take their pictures on the entrance upon arrival then making their way to the rest of the park. So, if you do my tip then you get to go to the rides first, and when all are  settled in the park then you just take your shots at the entrance because few people are in it, so you’ll have an empty arc entrance as backdrop 🙂



Of course, it wouldn't be DISNEYLAND without them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be DISNEYLAND without them.

Here are the highlights of our DISNEYLAND trip:

* It’s a small world – loved the Philippine dolls and their Tagalog song (kay liit lang ng mundo)

* Toy Story land – meeting Andy and riding the rides, but what I enjoyed most are the giant replica of toys and the characters statue.

* Asian Cuisine corner – I ordered the Indian food selection. It was a nice meal 🙂

* The SHOPS – everything Disney all around you. too many choices, few HK bucks – choosing wisely is a must.

Lots-o "huggin" bear

Lots-o “huggin” bear

Our pictures are mostly solo as its only me and my sister. The park is childlike and a fun venue and an energy drainer. With this mentioned, day two – lights off!

Going home… The Airport Express is something to be jealous of, Comfortable and direct…  I wish we have it here.

All in all, Our  Hong Kong trip may be hot, tiring and expensive but it was all worth it. The scenic views, experiences, foods and souvenirs compensates everything.

Extra: Clumsy me, on my way out of our immigration I slipped flat on the floor. Ouch! a remembrance/HK hang over that I endured for a week.

yes, I am clumsy :(

yes, I am clumsy 😦

Last words: HAPPY at HK! 🙂

One step at a time

As I was walking on my way to work this morning I had several thoughts running in my head. I didn’t have any music on as I want to hear the morning buzz that I rarely hear nowadays as I am always pre-occupied with me being late so I have to hurry… The sound of the sidewalks being swept by my neighbors, dogs barking, birds chirping etc. ahhhh, what a fresh start.

With this fresh start in mind, I thought of where I am in my life right now (with me being 25 and all).

Family? Career? Love Life?  Finance? and even as my country’s citizen 🙂

I have always been conscious of the things that I need to accomplish before I turn into a specific age. So far looking in my previous bucket list I have done bits and pieces of it.

Driving (check). Learn another language (slight – As I only knew a few words and phrases in Spanish). Charity (Less than slight – As I’ve only inquire on how to be a volunteer) but I do have a CHARITY Plan on my upcoming birthday, and I hope this time it’ll be a Charity (check) for me :).  Travel abroad (check). Savings (in and out check). Learn editing (check).

There are more things to do, more things that I want to do and starting is and has always been a challenge.

Some would say that there is no pressure in accomplishing all these things at this age, as I’ve got a lifetime ahead of me, and I cannot do all these at once. And with this in mind, I will take one step at a time… IMG_8625