Sebastian’s Birth Story

Note: This blog post is narrated in Tagalog as I find it more appropriate in order for other pinay moms to relate in my labor story.😊  I hope that you’ll be inspired or somewhat get a tip or two after reading this.

Due date: October 13, 2016. Baby came out 6 days early at 39 weeks and 1 day

Oct 5 (wed) – Check up kay Endo for my GDM clearance na no need for insulin kasi kaya naman ng diet. Happy ako dito kasi ayoko talaga mag insulin. Monitoring pa lang my sugar everyday after meals hassle na nga. Anyway, really happy na hindi super strict si endo.

Oct 6 (thurs) – I’m exactly at 39 weeks. Check up with OB was cancelled kasi may emergency CS sya so hindi nya ako na IE, back nung 38 weeks na IE ko wala no cm, mataas pa si baby pero I started with my spotting na, then after 4 days came the mucuos plug na super small lang pero feeling ko yun yun kasi jelly like sya.

Oct 7 (fri) – 12am start na ng contractions, wave pa lang sya sa harap then sumunod na paikot. I was timing the intervals until at 6am 5 minutes apart na sya. Niyaya ko na si husband to go the hospital along with our bags and admitting orders.

Ang bilin ni OB pag may red bright bleeding or water yun lumabas diretso kay ER pero kung contractions na 5 minutes apart kay admitting section lang. TIP na super helpful: If you have decided on a hospital where you’ll give birth mag fill up na kayo ng admitting forms days before your due date tapos itatabi na lang nila para pagdating nyo dun with contractions and all mas okay at mabilis ang admission.

Sa labor room, nag tracking sila for 30 minutes to monitor yung contractions and fetal heart rate so I have to stay still even during contractions medyo uncomfortable to. Ang kainis na part dito yung nurse na nag tracking ay bago pa lang so nung nakita ng senior yun chart nya pinaulit sya, so 30 minutes na nanaman yun 😑

After 2 trackings at 8am dumating yung resident OB and did an IE. 4 cm na, 80% effaced. Tinanong kung gusto ko daw ba ng sedative thru IV para mawala yung pain and I said yes. Masakit ang insertion nito sa veins, mahapdi. Feeling ko eto yung mga iniinject sa mga nagwawala sa TV kasi hindi pa ko tapos magsabi ng “ang sakit, sakit, sakit…” feeling ko nagfafade na yung malay ko. Ending tulog.

I woke up at 11am pagdating ni OB, IE ulit tinanong ko si nurse kung ilang cm na ko hindi daw nya alam ask ko na lang si OB, when I asked my OB all she said was we’ll wait na lang for the Anes since we discussed in my birth plan to have NSD with epidural.

Pagdating ni Anes I was asked to do the fetal position and tried to inject na kaya lang hindi daw perfect yun form ko kaya hindi ma-inject ng tama. So sabi sa delivery room na lang ilalagay. Sa DR, Prep na… I was humming with the song na nakaplay and Anes asked me If I was feeling any pain or contractions kasi mukang chill lang daw ako. Sabi ko wala, kasi miraculously wala talaga to think that I have a very low tolerance sa pain. Sa pag IV pa lang naku masuka suka na ko dati pag pinapasok or maybe what happened was I was expecting extreme, body splitting pain kasi yun ang nababasa ko at sinasabi ng mga tao when asked how their labor was. But what I can prove was super effective kausapin si baby while in the womb because as early as I learned na they can hear you inside, I kept telling him na “wag mo pahirapan si mommy ha, labas ka na agad ha. Mababa tolerance ni mommy sa pain.”

Anyway back to Anes’ question sabi nya “7cm ka na iha” and she seems really amazed na wala ko na fifeel so she told me no need for epidural na daw. Eto naman si OB may secret secret pa ayaw sabihin na 7cm na ko baka daw bigla ako makaramdam ng pain “psychological achuchu daw”. Then comes 9cm pinutok na si water bag yun masakit na!

At 12nn start na ng pushing. Eto na yung mahirap kasi hindi ako marunong. Ang ginagawa ko daw is push, push, push then bawi. Kaya ang scenario parang may crowd na nanonood ng basketball na nakashoot sana kaya lang dumaplis. They’re all like “cge ayan na ayan na… ayyyy”. 2 big male nurses na nakadagan sa tyan ko to help the baby descend. Ang hirap kasi push ng 1 to 10, hindi pa abot sa 10 kinakapos na ko ng hinga kaya napapabawi ako which led to baby’s head na medyo nahaba which is normal daw for NSD babies dahil nga sa pushing. Dito ko na-appreciate na sana nag exercise ako to strengthen my cardio… Anyway, husband came in mga 30 minutes for moral support na hindi ko masyado feel hahaha at mukang kabado rin si mister. Sabi nya after naawa daw sya saken 😑… Thankful ako kay OB kasi she really motivated me na normal delivery kahit umaayaw na ko sa hirap. Sabi nya “na-cut na kita (hindi ko naramdaman) hindi ka na pwede mag CS unless gusto mo dobleng tahi”.

Come 1:45pm sa wakas baby out! Nilapag sya sa tyan ko then kinapa ko sya kung kumpleto hehe. Head, shoulder, tyan, legs, arms, pati all fingers kung tig-5 then super glimpse lang then nawalan na ko malay. Pag gising ko recovery room.

We stayed in the hospital for 3 days kasi need mag NICU ni baby dahil sa antibiotics since nakakain sya ng poop. Actually dapat 7 days pero pedia decided na its okay to have a home service nurse na lang na magshot sa kanya ng remaining days. Pwede na ko umuwi kinabukasan pero I opted na sabay kami umuwi. The NICU calls me every 3 hours to breastfeed, pero when I got home nalaman ko na wala pa pala ko masyado milk. It took me 4 days postpartum to see un actual leak ng milk ko and so far so good, more malunggay pa.





Still in my postpartum days…

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EQ Diapers free sample

Don’t you just love surprises?

It has been weeks since I signed up for their free diaper sample ad in Facebook so receiving a package via delivery from JRS really was a surprise. And upon opening it… “Oooh nice!” was my reaction and it came with a big smile and satisfaction.


They sent me diapers both in newborn and small sizes (which I think is well thought of since my baby may have grown much for the newborn size) also they put in the baby wipes for its usefulness in the diaper changing process.

I simply LOVE it.

So for First Time Moms like me, I encourage you to visit EQ Diapers Facebook page and sign up for this freebie as it can really make your day and for a good few minutes veer your mind off your incoming labor pains.


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My Second Trimester

It really is the happy and all-changes-occur trimester!

From my weight to breast to bump –  all things has double its sizes. Prior to pregnancy, I weigh in at 52 kg but comes my 25th week I have doubled to 64 kg! But I expected that as I mentioned in my first trimester entry that I am under the impression that I need to eat for two. Now I know better huhuhu…


To keep in line with my trimester series, Here are the highlights of my Second Trimester:

  • On my 24th week I had my Congenital Anomaly Scan at In My Womb Megamall and we’re very thankful that all is well with our baby.
  • Gender reveal. I have learned of the baby’s gender as early as 18 weeks but didn’t shared it to anyone until 21 weeks as I want to have my husband with me during the ultrasound for him to personally see that it definitely is a BOY!
  • Thinking out the baby’s name. From Lucas, to Noah, to Adam, to my husband’s junior until we came up with SEBASTIAN (The name Sebastian is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Sebastian is: Venerable; revered, respected and honored). And so we’ll soon see our son SEBASTIAN CASTANEDA HAMOY aka SEB.
  • On my 28th week, the secret is out that  I have a history of Diabetes from my parents and so the request for Oral Glucose Tolerance Test  and the result is: Borderline to having Gestational Diabetes. 
  • As I am energetic at the time, we decided to have a hospital tour to familiarize ourselves of the place where I plan to give birth. See Clinica Antipolo Hospital Tour. but nearing my due date, I am thinking to have my childbirth at Manila East Medical Center instead as it is nearer our house. Anyway I promise to put either one’s services once I am done with labor.
  • The bump shows! from peach to papaya that’s how they describe the baby’s growth and so comes the huge bump. From my ultrasounds my doctor tells me that baby is one week larger for his size, and so comes the verdict to DIET😦 Oh, and comes with the growing baby bump is my struggle to sleep.
  • Stretchmarks. They creep in at my 27th week huhuhu.
  • I had a mini scare when I reached my 17th week as I experienced light spotting (brown color – old blood) and abdominal cramps. My doctor gave me UTROGESTAN which is a progesterone for baby’s “pampakapit” I used it vaginally for a week. I also went immediately to have an ultrasound and thankful that after 3 days the spotting went away and the baby’s heartbeat is good. 


Yes, the changes turns 360 degrees but I am happy with all of it as this proves that the pregnancy is progressing well. I have immensely enjoyed my happy trimester thanks to that energy zap. And now as I am presently experiencing my 3rd trimester I’ll say its not so bad, but the waiting and countdown really is a distraction. To be thankful or dread it, that I’ll say both🙂


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My First Trimester

A first time for everything!

I am blessed to part of the few who had it easy in their first trimester. For a first time mom I am very thankful that I surpassed such pregnancy phase without much problems or aches. I’ll say it wasn’t much of a physical but rather it impacts more of my thoughts (the reason I wrote: Thoughts of a First Time Mom)

It took me close to 2 months to really grasped the reality of my pregnancy as there really are very minimal symptoms to begin with. I took me not just one (which isn’t so great, see: My Disappointing First Ultrasound) but two visit to different doctors before we’re able to confirm my pregnancy. See: Our Honeymoon Baby is here! but after that everything runs in smoothly.

Here are the highlights of my First Trimester:

  • The baby is here!!! First time to see that little embryo in my uterus and first time to hear the baby’s heartbeat and knowing the expected due date.  A little trivia: My husband’s birth date is October 10 and mine is October 15th. So the baby fits just right in the middle.🙂 at October 13.
  • Lazy like Crazy. I will just sleep and sit all day. I didn’t do anything all day and yet I feel so exhausted every night.
  • I ate everything. I was still under the impression that I should eat for two and so I did. Good thing is I am never picky and I have no any food cravings. I just eat whatever I want and everyone seems happy to give and cook meals for me. (Now in my third trimester, I realize that those foods are pure evil! hahaha, all carbs and sugar huhuhu).
  • Sore and heavy breast. This is a symptom that I really felt. A sure and one of the first real signs of being pregnant, that I can guarantee. My poor 32B breast before has really grown and my pretty bras were not able to keep up and so as early as 3 months I am using a seamless maternity bra that seems to shrink every week. My solution? I bought a bra extender and It was heaven!
  • Read. I began to read everything pregnancy related. The most useful is the What to expect when you’re expecting book, it has all the details I need in every questions I have. Also I installed several mobile applications that I check every week for my baby’s progress.
  • Few throw-ups. Up until my third trimester I had throw up a total of 4 times and the thing is, once I throw up a specific food I never want to eat it again. So now, I have 4 viands that I can’t eat.
  • I have submitted all the requirements and compiled the others in one folder for my Maternity benefits so as to avoid the hassle in the future. See Documents needed for your maternity benefits.

During those times, I am really excited to enter my 2nd trimester as they described it as the “happy and energetic” trimester and based from my experience? It really was.


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My Third Trimester (the last hurrah!)

The third trimester feels… I’m now on my 8th month and I am getting really big. I listed my experiences and thoughts on everything that’s going on. Some are good and some a little inconvenient. Just seems to prove that everything has its up and down huh?

So here’s my list:

  1. The simple things like – Getting up in bed which is a real struggle and don’t even mention picking things up! And how about trying to tie your running shoes, and how much I miss having pedicures. Also, how about wearing your underwear and fitting in those leggings? And yes, I swaddle now😦

  2. Hunger plus gestational diabetes and blood sugar monitoring and the lab tests – is another story.

  3. Baby kicks are always welcome. They are entertaining as well as a security that everything is all right with our baby. I can even see him move around my belly, those bulges are weird but I am exhilarated whenever they come🙂

  4. Sleeping is fine but not ideal. Remember those “sleep on your left side” theory? Well they seem to work until I have a strong spasm on my left side going up and down. Making me lose more sleep than I already have but upon research and the old folks said its simply “lamig” as what we filipinos are very familiar with. And so with a little massage and acete manzanilla… Voila! It gets better. Ooh and a little warm compress helps too.

  5. And the Braxton Hicks contractions, they seem harmless now with the belly just tightening and bulging up. No pain yet but I am expecting to have it anytime soon.

  6. Hot or cold. My body temp is out of whack! Sometimes I feel so hot but when the fan is on I feel so cold and vice versa. I’m telling you I’m sweating out cold which I think is the culprit for my “lamig” spasms.

  7. Peeing all the time. Enough said.

  8. Nesting. I’m getting things prepared one task at a time. This week I plan to wash the baby’s clothes and pack our hospital bags.

  9. Read all things pregnancy related. But now my attention is mostly on the “Labor and Childbirth” part because with just a month before D-Day that’s all you’ll think about.

  10. The thing I most feel hard to deal with: Exercise or “pagpapatagtag” so as to ease the descent of the baby into position. A minimum of 30 minutes a day. It is tiring! Imagine my body’s weight now huhuhu…

With just a little 7 weeks to go, things are getting hard and heavier now but I know that It all will be worth it because in just a few days I’ll be having my baby and I know he’ll be very special and loved. ❤️❤️❤️

By the way a tip for my fellow preggies:

  •  I read somewhere that eating DATES six times a day four weeks prior to your due date somehow ease the labor process.
  • Do Kegel exercises atleast 10 minutes a day to avoid urinary incontinence and to strengthen your pelvic muscles that will help you in pushing the baby out of the birth canal.
  • Use a birth ball / gym ball. Sit on it and do forward and sideway hip exercises as this will help to engage the baby in the right position for a normal delivery.

I am definitely trying this and will report of its effectiveness after birth.🙂

33 weeks  and counting… Please pray for us to have a safe delivery and a healthy child.

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Documents Needed for your Maternity Benefits

Note: This is for Voluntary Members only.

May it be for Philhealth or SSS, Maternity benefit is a big help to every mother. Just make sure that you have all the requirements and correct number of contributions in order to avail the benefits.

I am quite lucky as I have time to settle and plan my payments ahead of time thus meeting the minimum number of contributions to avail the said benefits. For Philhealth, its a minimum of 9 months contribution, and for SSS they are requiring a minimum of 3 months.

Hoping to help pregnant ladies like me, I have listed the requirements needed for the availment of your Maternity Benefits. Please note that it is my own list, so if there’s anything amiss please contact the involved offices for further questions.


Requirements for SSS Maternity Benefit:

  1. MAT 1 (Maternity Notification) – You need to submit this atleast 60 days from date of conception. Also an ultrasound as evidence of your pregnancy or Doctor’s certificate indicating the date of your expected delivery. They will receive the form, record the data and return it to you.
  2. MAT 2 (Maternity Reimbursement) – You just need to fill up the form and submit it with other requirements.
  3. UMID or 2 valid ID’s with photo and date of birth or if you have applied for UMID and haven’t received it yet you can submit the UMID Stub.
  4. SSS Contribution receipts (RS-5)
  5. Summary of discharge (request to Hospital)
  6. For NORMAL Delivery:
  • Birth Certificate (NSO or Civil Local Registrar)

For Cesarean Delivery:

  • Birth Certificate (NSO or Civil Local Registrar)
  • Operating Room / Surgical memorandum certified by Hospital
  • OB History form (request to OB)

Submit and have the SSS received all requirements and just wait for your check to be delivered at home.

*** SSS maternity benefit amount differs from everyone as it depends on your salary bracket and how much you contributed every month.


How to compute for your SSS Maternity Benefit?

Sample computation: Due date of October 2016 – You only paid your premium from January 2016 to June 2016 with corresponding salary credit amounting to 9,500 (or you paid 1,045 monthly) your computation would be:
9,500 x 6 months = 57,000
57,000 / 180 days = 316.66 daily maternity benefit
316.66 x 60 days = P 19,000 maternity benefit for Normal delivery
316.66 x 78 days = P 24,700 maternity benefit for Cesarean delivery


Requirements for Philhealth Maternity Benefit:

As of writing, what I know is that for Normal delivery it will be Php 6,000 less to your hospital bills and for Cesarean delivery it will be Php 19,000 less.

  1. CF1 to CF3 (you can get this at the hospital) just fill up the forms.
  2. Philhealth ID (xerox and original)
  3. MDR (Member Data Record)
  4. Receipt of Payment  (xerox and original)
  5. Summary of Contributions


I also created a checklist of all documents (combined in a folder with label for each files) that I will bring together with my hospital bag. I will be orienting my sister and husband regarding this documents too just to be sure that everything is in place.

Documents to bring to the Hospital:

  1. OB admission slip / referral letter
  2. Marriage contract  (xerox and original)
  3. ID – me and husband’s  (xerox and original)
  4. Baby book with all my laboratory results inside
  5. All forms for Philhealth
  6. All forms for SSS
  7. Mother’s information sheet
  8. Birth Certificate cheat sheet

*** Items 7 and 8 needs to be created ahead of time as it will serve as a cheat sheet to make sure that there won’t be any typographical error especially for the birth certificate as we know that It can be a real hassle to have this corrected in NSO eventually. Also, I don’t think I’ll be sane enough and not in pain if ever the nurses will be asking me about my medical history.

birth certificate cheat sheetmother's information sheet

All things and effort considered in compiling the documents needed I think it is all worth it. Thinking of the amount you’ll be receiving and the deduction in your hospital bill is a big help especially in the arrival of your new baby which we’re all aware can be very costly.

Hope this helps!



Getting my documents ready at 31 weeks and counting… Lord please give me a normal delivery and a healthy baby boy🙂

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Baby Shopping and Hospital Bag Checklist

Shopping and walking… Ahhh the things I love and hate these days, but overall I am excited to do this as this is a first time experience for me! Before whenever I pass by the Baby Company in SM stores I’ve always have that “I don’t belong here” feeling, but now its always my “check out what’s new here” hobby whenever I’m in the area hahaha😊

After browsing different sites and blogs of other Moms, I’ve streamlined and come up with my own shopping list. (I’ll be editing the list from time to time depending on how useful or not the items are). The entry serves as my hospital bag checklist too. So it you find the list kind of mixed up I’m sorry but as mentioned this serves a dual purpose for me.


Bye Miss Piggy!😦

*** August 31, 2016 – I have updated this post as I am now done with our baby shopping!


  1. Diaper newborn size – I prefer Huggies dry comfort. I bought a 40 piece pack as they said that babies poo a lot on their first month! Guess I’ll be needing more. But I also plan to use a cloth diaper which can be washed and reuse several times and environment friendly too. 
  2. Mittens (Tie and Garterize) – I want to observe which one works best so I bought both to test which one fits longer and is not easy to remove.
  3. Tie sides top / sando – for the clothes I bought newborn and up to 6 months sizes, as I was under the impression that babies gets big in a short span of time so I do not want to invest much in newborn sizes. 
  4. Shorts
  5. Longsleeves
  6. Pajama
  7. Socks / Booties
  8. Bonnet
  9. Baby wash – Cetaphil and Human Nature
  10. Baby shampoo
  11. Baby bath towel
  12. Cotton and baby wipes (unscented)
  13. Container with cap (for cotton)
  14. Bibs
  15. Receiving blankets
  16. Nappy cream – Human Nature (for rashes)
  17. Baby powder – I didn’t buy one as I read that it irritates the baby’s skin and seep into the folds of their skin resulting to allergies.
  18. Wash clothes / Lampin and clips
  19. Burp clothes
  20. Onesies
  21. Swaddling blanket
  22. Vicks baby vaporub – I bought the pink one which is a new product especially for babies 3 months and up.
  23. Net for mosquitos
  24. Baby carrier
  25. Stroller – I’m eyeing Graco Mirage Zigzag – I am torn between this and the Chicco Liteway because of its umbrella fold feature. Both are just the same price of Php 8,000. Hmmm, still a pickle…
  26. Crib with complete set of mattress, comforter and pillows (I am not yet sure whether to buy a wooden crib or play pen) – I think I am now set in buying a wooden crib as they say that it helps the baby  to learn how to stand faster. We’ll shop for a stroller and crib on the same day sometime this month🙂 exciting!
  27. Mosquito patch
  28. Nail cutter
  29. Hair brush
  30. Changing mat waterproof
  31. Complete bottle set (I’m deciding between Avent or Pigeon with Peristaltic and wide neck) – I bought a 240 ml (good for 3 months +) 2 pcs peristaltic bottles and 2 pcs 1 month wide neck nipples. But I plan to exclusively breastfeed so the bottles are just a back-up.
  32. Manual breast pump
  33. Cycles Laundry detergent – I bought the powder kind.



GRACO Mirage Zigzag Stroller priced at Php 8,000


  1. Disposable under pads
  2. Nursing cover
  3. Nursing pillow
  4. Disposable underwear – I bought the XL size in Watsons
  5. Goig home outfit – dress
  6. Socks
  7. Alcohol
  8. Bath towel
  9. Ballpens
  10. Dress with front opening (for breastfeeding)
  11. Robe
  12. Nursing bra
  13. Nursing pads / breast pad – I bought the Pigeon breast pads
  14. Liquid handwash
  15. Lip balm
  16. Mints / candy
  17. Nipple cream
  18. Bra extender
  19. Maternity pads and adult diaper
  20. Slippers
  21. Binder – This will be a splurge as I want the Wink Ultimate Postpartum Ultra Bikini worth Php 4,320 (check their website here!)
  22. Toiletries
  • Betadine feminine wash
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Lotion
  • Body wash / Soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb and Hair tie



  1. Change of clothes
  2. Pillow and blanket
  3. Phone / camera and charger
  4. Cash


Sorry for the low quality of photos😦 Anyway, here’s a peak of our baby shopping.


Additional notes and reminder:

  • Pack your own food and drinks for convenience
  • Use ziplocks to pack and label everything
  • Advisable three bags in total, one bag each for baby, mom and dad
  • Keep underpads ready in your car
  • Wash baby clothes using baby laundry detergent (cycles)


Thoughts: I am excited to buy the Human Nature baby products as I’ve read several good reviews about the brand but I’m also planning to use Cetaphil because it is highly recommended by doctors. Anyway, It all depends on the baby’s skin reaction. As for the feeding bottles, this will just be for stand by as I am planning to exclusively breastfeed our son. As for the binder, well with the price it really is a splurge I hope it can do wonders to bring back my pre-pregnancy body. 




My pregnancy must-reads with my doll as a model for my swaddling practice and my fun DIY english bulldog bookmark🙂



So there goes my shopping and hospital bag checklist. I hope this is enough preparation so I’ll be ready comes delivery day. I may be ready materially but what’s really worrying me is the labor pain that’s about to come. I’ve been reading everything about childbirth and labor and knowing my turn is just around the corner… (heavy clouds above my head) but then just like any other storm, a very bright rainbow and Mr. Sun is always there in the end. This time it has a name – Sebastian Castaneda Hamoy🙂



31 weeks tomorrow! Lord please grant me a normal  labor and healthy baby boy…

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Pre-Gestational Diabetes

Is there such thing?

Borderline, almost there, barely passed – these are the words that my doctor mentioned as she discusses and interprets my glucose tolerance test laboratory results. If you’ve read my post about my OGTT experience I assumed there that I passed and was elated when I thought I did😦

But there goes the doctor’s order: see an Endocrinologist.

She multiplied my results to some numbers and next thing I knew my results are not within the average range anymore which resulted to my gestational diabetes borderline verdict.

Based from my research in different pregnancy forums I expect to discuss my meal plan, be on a diet and monitor my glucose level after every meal. Sounds depressing If you’ll ask me but then here I go again assuming hahaha🙂

I will let you know and keep you posted after I see my Endo.

Anyway, for now I’ll be watching my diet and do some exercises!


My GDM tools… Good thing my Dad have this for his own maintenance, imagine how much this will cost If I bought it only to be used during my GDM period😦


P.S. Please pray for us to have a healthy and normal labor (cross fingers)

***Post Update as of August 30, 2016:

I’ve visited my Endocronologist last week and men! The patient line is long. I guess its just a proof that diabetes is a common illness nowadays. It took me close to three hours before its my turn. My doctor advised me to monitor my blood sugar within a week, and to change my diet as well, less white meaning white rice, pastas, bread and other carbs that breaks down into sugar. My ideal result should be:
Fasting < 90

1 hour after breakfast < 120

1 hour after meal lunch or dinner < 130
I noticed that my 1 hour post lunch is always high, playing at 115-120. Anyway, so far my results are within the normal range so I am hoping that I won’t be needing the insulin, I really hope not😦

Tomorrow I’ll be having another blood extraction meaning another 8 hour fasting, which I tell you is beginning to be really hard this phase of the pregnancy. My doctor required to have the following laboratory tests:

  • FBS
  • PPBS
  • HBA1C

Hoping for good results as I am starting to really be numb of this blood extractions everyday, weekly… Sigh😦

***Post Update as of August 31, 2016:

It’s a good thing that my HMO approved the laboratory tests even though its for GDM which is pregnancy related. Unfortunately, my blood extraction for the lab test was postponed😦 So much for my 8 hours fasting… As explained the procedure for PPBS is that they’ll have the blood extraction after fasting then you’ll eat a meal and again have another blood extraction after 2 hours.

With just a month to go before labor, things are closely monitored now. Check up every two weeks and what seems an endless lab tests. Oh, I also read that you have to retake the OGTT six weeks post partum to test if you have acquired type 2 diabetes that sets after your GDM. I hope not please!😦


*** Post Update as of September 5, 2016

I passed with flying colors to my lab tests! and my endo is very much pleased “Very good” is the term he used to praise my less carb diet… simply put, we’re both happy. I just need now to continue my diet, monitor my sugar and no meds! yehey!

Next stop, check up with my OB at 35 weeks…



30 weeks tomorrow and counting…
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My Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

My OB has spoken. I am in for an ORAL GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST (OGTT), The basis? well first of, it is now a standard procedure done to all pregnant women in their 24-28 weeks. second, my family tree seems to have all bear the “diabetes” fruit and lastly, my weight gain betrays me😦

The preparation is to fast for 8 hours without food and water which is fine by me since I am asleep most of the time, but since my clinic is inside a mall, I waited for it to open at 10 in the morning and so my fasting lasted longer than 8 hours, considering that the procedure took 3 hours to finish.

They first took my baseline test. The first blood sample is used to measure the level of sugar in your blood when you’ve been fasting. Then they gave me a sweet, sugar concentrated mixture to drink. An hour after drinking the sugary drink, they again, took my 1st hour blood sample and again, after another hour for the 2nd hour blood sample. They asked me to stay within the clinic while waiting for my extractions so as to avoid fatigue that may affect the processing of glucose in my body.


The blood extraction weren’t that bad, thanks to the very careful and professional lady that took it. But its the dizziness – my body’s reaction from drinking the concentrated mixture combined with the hunger that bothers me.

Anyway, after the test I rewarded myself with good food. No sugar.

Based from my results, I think I barely passed. “Think” and “barely passed” are the words because I have not yet visited my OB for interpretation.


My OGTT was done in MedCentral at SM Taytay and it costs Php 1,000. My health card ASIANLIFE does not cover it since its not a routine procedure for a sickness. (They don’t consider Pregnancy as a sickness – as most or all health cards do). But a bright side here is, they cover my doctors fee for consultation. As well as some of the laboratories such as urinalysis etc. Good thing that my doctor is an OB-Sonologist so her consultation comes with a free ultrasound (It’ll be a hassle and quite costly to pay for an ultrasound separately).


MedCentral SM Taytay | Basement 1 Bldg. B, SM City Taytay Dolores, Taytay Rizal | 0939-6072700 | 02-5703191


There’s my experience for the OGTT. I hope that I am able to help other pregnant ladies out there who research the procedure prior to having it as I did before I had one.

27 weeks exactly, 13 to go… and baby’s out!


Praying for a normal and safe delivery,

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